Ye Ole' Bonanza Jail. 


In early 2016, Oregon Senator, Jeff Merkley, stopped by to have a cup of coffee with Bonanza Mayor, Betty Tyree. 

Don't forget BEAUTIFUL Big Springs Park for your wedding, birthday, picnic, company gatherings, reunions and other event needs.  BSP also has a cook-shack ready for rental if needed.  Call Cheri at 541-281-9805 for more information


The first to come to Oregon.  The 8 foot by 12 foot painted mural of a butterfly is a movement the Town of Bonanza has embraced.  To learn more about what the Butterfly Effect is and means,  click on the above tab "Butterfly". 

2023 EVENT

Local business Soup To Nuts displays flowers they sell.  Stop in and see all the neat items for sale.  Mary and Lonnie, owners, are always friendly and eager to help their customers as well as the community.

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2023 Senior Walk