Bonanza community center and historical display / Museum

If you haven't been by to see the new improvements to the Bonanza Community Center, please stop by!  The park district (with the help of Mayor Tyree) have been able to do some incredible things! We are in the final stages of the Bonanza Historical Display and now, are looking for some objects, memorabilia, and photos of Bonanza and the surrounding areas to include in the display! If you or if you know anyone that may have some items that they would like displayed, please contact Cheri at Town Hall at 541-545-6566. The Historical Display has been made possible by only donations and volunteers! Thank you all who have contributed to make this possible! 

Also, a remodel of the Bonanza Community Center kitchen will soon be underway. The new kitchen will be a certified commercial kitchen with a new stove, cabinets, counter tops, range hood and sinks! We are hoping that this project will be completed within 6 months. 

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